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All of our great tasting cookie recipes include spirulina algae as a key ingredient.


Why spirulina algae for cookies?

  • Spirulina algae has a composition of 60-70% plant based PROTEIN
  • It is classed as a SUPERFOOD
  • It has antioxidants like phycocyanin associated with great health
  • It has a full complement of amino acids ensuring with 100% bioavailability 
  • It has some 65 bio-active nutrients including:
    • Vitamin A, K, B12
    • Zeaxanthin
    • alpha-carotene
    • beta-carotene
  • It provides anti-inflammation benefits
  • It combats free radicals in our body
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We cultivate the spirulina locally in Calgary, AB using
our patent pending algae cultivation platform.

Why Protein?

The growth of the world population is increasing the demand for food. Over the past 30 years world population has grown by over 40%. Using the great protein value found in spirulina is just one small response to this problem, yet adding great nutritional value and delivering an uncompromised delicious flavour.

Algae - Added benefit for our global environment

  • Algae uses CO2 as a key nutrient
  • For every kg of spirulina algae that we cultivate we remove 1.8 kg of CO2

Made in Canada

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We have two chocolate flavored presentations made with gluten and friendly dairy ingredients.

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