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The rainforest is our metaphor of being part of a movement that creates thriving communities

A rainforest is an extraordinarily beautiful place that exists because of a shared ecosystem comprised of diverse plants and animals. Each thrives by providing something back to the ecosystem and enriching it in some small way. 

Victor Hwang and Greg Horowitt have said it well in their book The Rainforest – The secret to building the next silicon valley. They challenge us to be part of a movement to create thriving communities, treating each other with respect and integrity, providing introductions for people, paying forward to lift others up, sharing ideas and information. The magic occurs as talent, ideas and capital come together as nutrients.

Rainforest Cookie Co. exists because a diverse set of people connect and work together within the larger community. Each person brings their own specific, unique skills and abilities to produce and distribute great food. We use nutritious ingredients including spirulina algae (a super food that we cultivate locally, composed of 60-70% plant protein along with other vitamins including K and B12), brought together to create great tasting recipes, yet not losing sight of giving back to our community and sharing what we produce with the vulnerable and less fortunate, children and adults alike, to make the community a place where all people may thrive together.

Stan Pankratz, PhD, MBA, BSc

Founder / President

Upon completion of his PhD in 2019, Dr. Stan Pankratz was determined to continue his research on algae focusing his attention on developing a transformational algae cultivation platform that would eventually lead to producing a more nutritious plant-based protein to compete with other forms of protein for the growing global marketplace. The pathway to achieve this objective would involve conducting research focusing on using spirulina algae, and that would address multiple challenges commonly experienced by the algae industry. Challenges include high capital and energy costs in constructing and operating environmentally controlled photobioreactors (PBRs), eliminating persistent fouling which tends to require constant maintenance, eliminating culture crashes, finding a more effective way of facilitating mass gas transfer between liquid and gas phases, thus enabling the doubling of densities and harvest yields.

Having achieved these remarkable advances the company is rapidly developing even more advanced cultivation platforms.

Knowing that there are many people that would enjoy both the taste and benefits of baked goods that include spirulina as a nutritional ingredient, the decision was made to start up a new company, Rainforest Cookie Co.

We hope to hear from you soon to let us know what you think of our cookie recipes.

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