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Made with gluten, dairy and vegan friendly ingredients

These cookies are for YOU, if you have been looking for an exceptionally great tasting gluten or vegan friendly treat


gluten friendly


peanut butter, brown sugar, eggs, cocoa, spirulina, vanilla, salt.


vegan friendly


oatmeal, brown sugar, vegan baking sticks, flour, pumpkin seeds, chocolate chips, cane sugar, water, spirulina, cocoa, flaxmeal, vanilla, baking soda, salt.

Made in Canada

Rainforest Cookie Co. exists because a diverse set of people connect and work together within the larger community. Each person brings their own specific, unique skills and abilities to produce and distribute great food. We use nutritious ingredients including spirulina algae (a super food that we cultivate locally, composed of 60-70% plant protein along with other vitamins including K and B12), brought together to create great tasting recipes

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Kumud - Chocolate Peanut Butter cookie

It was a very nice, tasty cookie

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Souad - Chocolate Peanut Butter cookie

I had the chance to have one. It was a piece of heaven. Love the first glimpse, the colour, shape, size, smell, the texture, & most importantly, the taste. I hope it would be easy to purchase the cookies in the near future, to be able to one have whenever I crave one. Amazing taste, unique, feels great to my soul

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Ishani - Chocolate Peanut Butter cookie

Can not wait to purchase the product

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Renata - Chocolate Peanut Butter cookie


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Maria and Angela

The crumbled peanuts on top were a nice touch. Crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Very yummy

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Ruth - Chocolate Peanut Butter cookie

Moist, rich, chewy. Excellent taste!

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John - Chocolate Peanut Butter cookie

Cookies are proof that you can eat healthy and delicious.

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Denver - Chocolate Peanut Butter cookie

Not too sweet. Perfect! I've eaten cookies all my life and these are the best!

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Natalia - Chocolate Peanut Butter cookie

Delicious. Great taste, moistness, sweetness and flavour balance

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Diane - Chocolate Peanut Butter cookie

Tempting. Just right flavour balance. If I hadn't read Gluten Free I wouldn't have known. Soft, chewy - Great!

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Kevin - Chocolate Peanut Butter cookie

Flavour balance is great!

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Jordan - Chocolate Peanut Butter cookie

Love the flavor. Well balanced

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Jessica - Chocolate Peanut Butter cookie

I wouldn't have guessed it was gluten free. Excellent!

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Kelly - Chocolate Peanut Butter cookie

I'm gluten intolerant. I really liked it. One of the better gluten free cookies I have had


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